Vintage 1970 Airstream

The idea for a cupcake stand in an Airstream struck during one of my many trips to the beach.  A dear friend who has lived in Seagrove for years mentioned that she wished for a good dessert shop nearby.  Off the cuff one afternoon she said, “You know what y’all should do?  Y’all should open a cupcake shop.”  I am an entrepreneurs at heart and have wanted to move to the area for a long time, so while others might have laughed at the statement and forgotten it, I started planning immediately.

We got to talking about the best desserts and landed on the perfection of cupcakes – they are a wonderfully petite combination of portion (for those calorie-conscious among us) and portability.  And they appeal equally to kids and adults alike!  Who doesn’t like a good cupcake after all?  Just like that *snap of the fingers* a decision was made to ask the locals do some market research and begin product testing.

Queen Bee Cupcakes was hatched over sunset drinks at Bud & Alley’s, as many a good idea certainly have been before and since!  Now you’ll understand the “Paige’s Bright Idea” cupcake whenever you see it on the menu.  It’s butter cake topped with bright yellow frosting and a sugared pecan…because she’s the sweetest nut we know and it was all her bright idea!